Creative Director at Flavor, passionate designer and lover of motion graphics.

I’m a Chicago-based Creative Director focused on motion design and animation. A graduate of the Art Institute of Houston and later the Illinois Institute of Art, I developed a passion for storytelling via digital media, animation, and production.

For more than 10 years, sports motion graphics and consumer advertising have coexisted as important parts of my professional and creative identity. From an internship with the Chicago Bulls, to a Director and Creative Lead position at Bridges Media, through independent work for several Chicago studios, and now as Creative Director at Flavor I have honed the skills and styles that differentiate (and sometimes blur) sports, corporate, and consumer branding across every type of fanatic.

My technical chops include AfterEffects, PhotoShop, Cinema4D (thanks again, Maxon, for inviting me to present at the NAB show in 2013)… But of course, I’m not in this just to click a mouse. I’m here to collaborate with clients on both sides of the production aisle, manage part-time and full-staff, teams of digital artists, direct talent, and create work that both moves and is moving.